27 August 2015

{Road Trip} Parks in Clark 2 - Air Force City Aircraft Park

This post has been sitting on my draft folder for 15 months already.  I wrote this after my short visit to Clark last May 2014.  Since this is still worth posting, I am sharing this now.  Read about the {Road Trip} Parks in Clark Part 1 here.

If you have plans to visit Clark during the upcoming long weekend, drop by the Air Force City Aircraft Park.  If you have a toddler, I bet he/she will have a great time looking at the planes, and of course running around.

There is no entrance fee.  Families are allowed to have a picnic on the grounds.  Kids may bring their badminton rackets or freebie.  You may also put on your running shoes if you want to burn some calories while you're there.  

There is a parking lot for guests.  Just be careful -- maputik pag-maulan and 
baka mapuwing if it is windy.

There is a playground for toddlers.  

These are some shots of the different aircraft displayed in the park. 

Bawal pala akyatin or pumasok sa loob ng mg eroplano.  Ooops.


To be honest, the park is disappointing.  I liked the idea of displaying the aircraft that once served our country but (1) there is no educational value.  It would be great of they put aircraft name and descriptions, a little history - where was the aircraft used what are its achievements.  (2)  The aircraft display should be properly maintained.  The surroundings are clean, but the airplanes are deteriorating.   

My opinion is based on my visit last year.  Have you been there recently?  Let me know if they made changes or improvements.

Air Force City Aircraft Park
Andres Bonifacio Avenue, Clark Field, Angeles City
Directions here.

Cruisin' Mommyhood Recommends Pastry Armoire

On our way home last Sunday, we dropped by Pasrty Armoire to buy Deep Dips Spicy Tinapa and Gourmet Tuyo for Don, Sticky Buns (Nutella and Reggiano) and bread sticks for Julia.

I was so happy when Mish of Momma 'N Manila invited me to Pastry Armoire's Eats a Spa Party. She had me at "it's located in BF Homes".  It is so convenient for me to drop by Pastry Armoire after work because it is on my way home AND it is open until 9pm.  I can buy something for Julia's baon and Gourmet Dips for Don.  I learned from their FB page that I can order Kesong Puti.  I love Kesong Puti! I order it every time we eat at Mary Grace, as in every time.  I am excited to know that now I can prepare it at home.  Check out Mish's post.

This Marinated Kesong Puti may have been my dinner tonight. With some wine. Thank you @chef_arnold_bernardo for this...
Posted by Momma 'N Manila on Monday, 24 August 2015

Back to the Spa Party, the first thing I noticed was the buffet table.  Everything looked so appetizing and sweet!

 There are my personal favorites:

Sticky Buns
You have to try the Nutella Chocolate Sticky Buns.  I know there are a lot of pastries that use Nutella but this you have to try!

Julia loves the cheese sticks.  She kept coming back to to the table for more, so napagod ata kasi dinala na niya yung buong lalagyan!  

Right beside the cheese sticks is the Chocolate mousse with blue berries and pistachios.

These cakes are so yummy.
My personal favorite is that chocolate cake with avocado cream.
Chef Arnold Bernardo's Deeps Dips are love!
Gourmet Tuyo Antipasto
Spicy Tinapa Pandesal with Kesong Puti
The next thing I noticed was this polish wall.  Wow!  I learned that Mel, one of the owners of Pick and Polish, already have 300 bottles before they established their business.  I was totally overwhelmed.  It is not easy to make a choice when you have so many nice colors to choose from.

I will definitely come back to Pick & Polish.  The place is clean and maaliwalas.  There are so many nail polish colors to choose from and the prices are so affordable!  They also have threading, waxing and massage services.  Tapos everyone is so nice.  One-stop shop for my pampering needs.

I asked her to sit beside me but she chose to have her nails done with her new friends - Miley and Anika.  She was so happy that day.  New friends plus nail polish definitely made her afternoon fun.

It was a great afternoon.  It was nice to see Mish and Fleur again.  I met new people, I found my new me-time place AND Julia has so much fun.  Yes, it was an afternoon well spent.

If you want to visit Pick & Polish and Pastry Armoire, you can use Waze to provide you with directions.  Both are located at Ivory Building, El Grande Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque.

Pastry Armoire
Operating Hours:  11am to 8pm
Website:  www.pastryarmoire.com
Facebook: /pastryarmoire
Instagram:  @pastryarmoire
Email:  patryarmoire@gmail.com
Telephone Numner:  0947-8658634

Pick & Polish
Operating Hours:  10am-9pm
Facebook:  /pickandpolish
Instagram:  @pickandpolish
Telephone Number: 833-1415 or 0915-9412922
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