07 May 2011

Cesarean By Request

Julia was born 59 minutes late.  My anesthesiologist did not arrive on time.

After 7 years of infertility, I requested for a cesarean delivery on Julia's 38th week of gestational age.  Yes, I opted for a surgical incision in my abdomen and uterus (bikini cut, of course!).  

Four OB-Gynes had the same conclusion.  Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS.  My ovaries contain small cysts located at the outer layer of each ovary.  How and Why?  I really don't know.  Their explanation fell on deaf ears after I heard that it will be difficult for me to get pregnant because of infrequent ovulation.  It painfully took us 6 years to conceive and I gave birth 26 days after our 7th Wedding Anniversary.

I read numerous articles and blogs about the risks of a cesarean delivery.  In my opinion, most risks are for the mom:  infection, hemorrhage, injury to organs, extended hospital stay and recovery time.  My non-medical brain believes that the risks and complications for the baby during a normal delivery outweigh that of a cesarean delivery.  

Making the decision was easy.  The C-Section increases fetal safety.  Myth or not, I desired for a procedure that is atraumatic for Julia.  A controlled environment where risk is calculated.

Julia Dominiq born on February 4, 7:59am
Since a cesarean delivery may delay rooming-in and breastfeeding, I prepared a countermeasure -- be back in my room ASAP.  After the anesthesia was administered, I didn't close my eyes at all!  I patiently waited for Julia's first cry.  Julia was finally born at 7:59am.  Why is she not crying?  Where are they going to take her?  What's going on?  I panicked.

I wasn't aware of what happened after that.  My mind was going crazy worrying about Julia... until I received a comforting pat.  I heard Dr. Javier say "Everything went well, Belle".  Soon after, I heard Julia cry.  She was placed on my chest for our first "latch-on".

She is my daughter.  Look at that mouth!
I was out of the recovery room in 2 hours (that was part of the countermeasure -- to raise my legs asap.  The moment I could move my legs, I asked the nurse to bring me to my room). 

I waited for 12 hours before they brought Julia to my room.  When I saw Julia with Don, I fell asleep.
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