07 May 2011

Dreams Come True

I googled for pregnancy symptoms:
ü Dizziness
ü Headache
ü Frequent Urination

It felt different.  My heart pounded with hope as I waited for  the result of the pregnancy test kit I bought during lunch break.  Three minutes passed, I knew it.  

ü False Alarm. Again.

I tossed the test inside my bag and returned to my desk.  Payroll, I thought.  I should finish payroll.  I laughed at myself as I looked at the result again.  Gasp!  Two lines.  TWO LINES!

It can't be true, the 2nd line looked faint.  My heart sank. 

Like I said, it felt different.  So I asked a trusted colleague for a second opinion.  "You're pregnant!," she screamed.

Still unsure, I texted Don. 
      I think I'm pregnant.
   Don:  How did you know?
   Pregnancy test.  But second line is not clear.
   Don:  Ok.

Poor Don.  For 7 years, he has dealt with my "I think I'm pregnant" drama every single month.  Each time, he would hug me and say, "It's okay.  Maybe next time."

Despite the unemotional text reply, Don couldn't hide his excitement when he saw the not-so-positive-yet pregnancy test result.  He bought 2 more tests, but we decided to wait until the next day to test again.

I couldn't sleep.  I was even holding on to my pee to make sure I have enough urine for 2 pregnancy test kits (Crazy!). 

At 6am, Don and I were beaming.  3 tests.  All positive.  Dreams do come true.

Exactly a year ago, May 7 is the first day of my last menstrual period.  
Hence, the first day of Julia's gestational age.

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