05 May 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog?

I attempted several times to start my own blog.  As I start to type my thoughts, my finger would reach for the delete button.  Then, I would mentally itemize my hesitations.  Not knowing what to write about and where to start were on top of my list.  So last night I decided: I will not blog.

Today, at work, I received an email with this subject:  New comment on your post #5 "When Storks Stop Flying"
[LANGGA] Comment: "When Storks Stop Flying"

My post? I have a blog?! 

I opened the link and I was surprised to read:

When Storks Stop Flying

I used to believe that having a child is as easy as waiting for a stork to drop by. 
My view of the level of difficulty (and excitement!) changed a whole lot when I learned about the flowers and bees.
But, I said to myself, it’s still easy…
Until I watched the movie Nine Months..
How can so much pain bring unexplainable joy and fulfillment?
Again, I said to myself, it will be worth it.  It’s easy.
But after four years of being married and doing EVERYTHING to get pregnant, I finally admitted to myself,  It will never be easy… at least for me.
Now having a baby is all about needles and ultrasounds for me.  It will never be easy but it will be worth it.
So did the storks really stop flying?  Or did they just skip my front door?
I will never know.

I did start a blog in 2008.  God amazes me in many ways.  I didn't ask and yet He answered.  Now I know what to write about and I definitely know where to start.

I will blog.
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