02 July 2011


Julia doesn't go out often because Don and I work from Monday - Saturday.  We always tell her that Sunday is her day. 

Our Sunday routine is simple.  We wake up early and bring Julia to UP Diliman.  She loves to embrace her dad as they stroll the UP Academic Oval.  UP is runner-biker-family friendly during Sundays.  They close a portion of the oval for runners and bikers.  They also open the sunken garden for family picnics and get togethers... for free!

Julia at 3 months, strolling in UP Diliman with Daddy.
Just recently, we re-discovered a beautiful park where we can bring Julia.  Fort Santiago at Intramuros, Manila.  Re-discovered because Don and I used to go there before when we wanted a quiet, cheap date.  We would buy McDonald's and stay there for 2-3 hours.  Anyway, we went there and Julia couldn't stop giggling.   Her eyes were everywhere!  The trees, flowers and landscape are beautiful!  Just pay P75.00 at the entrance and you may already enjoy the park.

Though we bring her to the mall, we want her to appreciate the simple things in life...  fresh air, beautiful trees and flowers and more importantly, to spend quality time with family.  I have seen families together at malls, couple on their mobile phones all the time while the children are busy with their PSP or iPad.  Quality time with family is not all about being physically together.  Its about doing things together and communicating. 

Going back to Sunday routine..  after UP Diliman, we go home to prepare for church.  We attend the 2pm service at Victory Fort.  Even at a young age, we want Julia to know God.  As Christians, we want her to be close to our Father.  

Julia is part of the Victory Kid's Ministry at 1 month old.
How we spend the rest of the day depends on what we feel like doing.  We sometimes visit family and friends, do some errands (paying bills, grocery, etc.) or just stay home as long as we are together.

A lot of friends tell us that we should enjoy our time with Julia while she is young.  Kids grow up fast and before we know it, she'll be old enough to make her own decisions.  Don and I are honestly scared.  We worry about the kind of friends she will hang out with, the type of sports or hobby she will engage in, the course she will take in college, the list is endless. 

Until that day finally comes, Don and I will make sure that we build the right foundation for her to grow up as good Christian.
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