10 August 2011

Half time!

I am always nervous every time we visit Julia's pediatrician, Dr. Joan Millonado.  At the vital signs area where the nurse will get Julia's weight, I always dread hearing that Julia did not gain weight or worse, lost a few grams.  So far, its all pluses, she is actually on the maximum limit now for her age.  So, I hope she maintains it as obesity is a common health concern for formula-fed babies like Julia.

In Julia's first 3 months of existence, her routine is simple and predictable.  Sleep, drink milk, take a bath, drink vitamins, milk, sleep. Then it became apparent that she has allergic rhinitis and skin asthma.  Thanks to our healthy genes (feel the sarcasm), she has inherited this from us.  Anyway, at 4 to 5 months, her routine has changed, but still predictable.  Alnix and use of a nebulizer sadly made it to the list however, lots of laughs and giggles were a welcome addition.

Now that Julia is 6 months old, she eats solid food and needs to increase water intake.  Her sleep pattern varies.  When she is awake, most of the time is spent rolling over, bouncing up and down, giggling, and happily practicing making sounds.

As a working mom, I don't witness all of Julia's activities.  I rely on amusing stories from my mother-in-law and Julia's yaya.  So, aside from knowing what to say everytime Julia's pediatrician will ask, its also my responsibility to monitor my daughter's development and growth.

In any HR project, I use tables for monitoring timelines and work activities.  So, here's what I came up with for Julia:

Jaecel, my HR colleague, said "wiwi" should be "wee-wee".  I just told her it won't fit in the column.  Hahaha!
I honestly cannot afford the ready-made books/notebooks that are being sold in Multipy.  Instead of spending P1,500.00, I decided to be resourceful and simple.  With the help of Yaya Lani, I hope to do this consistently.    After all, its the content that matters.
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