09 November 2011

Quezon Memorial Circle

Last October 31, 2011, Don took us to Quezon Memorial Circle.  He didn't tell me where we were going because he knew I would vehemently disagree.

I muttered my discomfort as we walked towards the park area.  I was about to do a 180-degree turn when I saw and smelled the garbage truck.  So, we immediately detoured to the nearest park attraction, the "Pedal and Paddle" area.

It is similar (but bigger) to the Road Safety Mobile Park of Toyota in Robinson's Sta. Rosa (Mommy Journey blog). We wanted to take Julia for a spin in a 3-wheel bicycle, but obviously they didn't allow us for safety reasons.  I was disappointed but I was impressed that their safety guidelines are strictly implemented.  They were even announcing through their PA system the bike numbers that were over speeding.  There were road safety signage and proper pedestrian walkway.

Right across "Pedal and Paddle" was the "Circle of Joy" play area.

Julia would've enjoyed playing there but we decided not to let her because it was unclean. Trash was everywhere and it looked like the life-size version of Little Tikes needed a lot of scrubbing .

I would like to go back to Quezon Memorial.  It's free and has a lot of attractions for Julia.  I just hope QC  will invest in making it a more clean and pleasant playground for children.

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