04 November 2011


I smoked cigarettes for 15 years.  I started smoking when I was in college.  Of course there were sincere attempts to quit, but obviously none worked until I got pregnant last May 2010. 

We all know that smoking during pregnancy is harmful to the unborn baby.  Studies have proven that babies whose mothers smoked during pregnancy are likely to weigh less than babies whose mothers did not smoke during pregnancy.  They are also expected to encounter development problems such as physical and learning disabilities. 

At that time, I know I should stop smoking.  But the real question is, will I quit?

I must admit, I was looking forward to giving birth.  The excitement of course included the fact that I can smoke again.  But when I learned more about second hand and third hand smoking, I knew I had to reconsider.

Yes, there is “third hand smoking”.  There are toxins from tobacco smoke that remain on surfaces like clothes, sofa, etc.  These toxins have negative impact on infant lung development and may even cause cancer when the residue of nicotine reacts with another chemical in the air to form potent carcinogen.

There are still studies that need to be done to further validate this but the possible risk is enough reason for me make a decision.  Not for me but for my Julia.

I quit smoking.  1 year 7 months and still counting.


Note to my Dad:  I can imagine your face is all red… unsure whether you are disappointed that I smoked or happy that I quit.  Now I know what you mean.  I will never understand until I become a parent myself.  Thanks, Daddy!  Love you!
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