10 November 2011

SSS Member na si Yaya!

Yes, it's official.  SSS member na si Yaya Lani.

On her 6th month, yaya went to the nearest SSS Office and applied for SSS number and remitted her first contribution.

I am blessed with a yaya who is patient, reliable and trustworthy.  I must say, I got lucky.  I know its very difficult to find a yaya like her these days.  Don and I make sure we pay and treat her well.  But of course, we are never complacent when it comes to matters concerning Julia.  We make sure that yaya follows our rules and standards.  We make sure that we are still primarily responsible for taking care of Julia and yaya is just there to assist us.

Yaya does her tasks as instructed.  She also takes initiative in making sure that Julia's welfare is a priority.  More importantly, I can see that she loves taking care of my daughter.

I know its only been 10 months so I sincerely hope she will not change.

PS.  I encourage those with housemaids to read the Labor Code of the Philippines.  We have responsibilities outlined in the Code to make sure that our helpers are treated fairly.  As a matter of fact, there is now a House Bill (Kasambahay Bill) that proposes for additional benefits and protection to household helpers.  My opinion about it?  I'm not sure yet..  ;-)
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