07 December 2011

Lessons From My Dad #1

"Ikaw ang nagpatino sa akin," my dad said to me.

Confused and intrigued, I waited for my dad to continue.  He laughed at the fact that I, the one responsible for the major turning point in his life, couldn't remember the details.

My dad just got back from Russia.  Even at age 67, he was still requested by a shipping company to work for 4 months.  My dad is a seafarer, a Master Mariner, since the 1970s.  I can barely remember a time that I spent with him as a child.  My dad is soft-spoken, funny and sometimes reserved.

He started his story by telling me that whenever he was home with us, he would almost always be in a bad mood.  He couldn't really remember why he would get mad easily.  Maybe because of pressure from work or he was unfamiliar with our household routines or maybe because my brother and I were disobedient and unruly.   

One day, while he was angry at something (again), he heard me tell my mom, "Pabalikin mo na siya sa ship niya.  Lagi na lang siya galit dito.  Ayaw ko sa kanya."  

He couldn't recall how young I was at that time, but he can clearly remember what I said.  I was begging my mom to tell him to leave home and go back to "his ship".   He couldn't believe I actually told my mom that I don't like him because he's always angry.  From that day on, he never shouted at us again.

Lessons from my Dad #1:  It's not easy to earn a decent living.  Nevertheless, whatever your job is, it should never be an excuse not be happy and delightful toward our family.
Live in harmony with one another; love, be sympathetic, compassionate and humble...bless one another so that you may inherit a blessing. (1 Peter 3:8-9)
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