05 December 2011

Quality Time

The most common dilemma of new working moms like me is how to manage time properly.  Things will not “just fall into place,” like what some people expect.  We need to make deliberate decisions to give time for what is important in our life.  You will have time if you allot time for it. 

Here are some activities we do to make sure we spend quality time with the family:

1.      Instead of driving separately, Don and I go to and from work together at least 4x a week.  The travel time from Quezon City to Bonifacio Global City (and vice versa) gives us enough opportunity to talk, argue, fight, laugh, etc.     

2.      No Cable TV inside our room.  We talk, argue, fight and laugh some more before going to sleep.  The TV and DVD is for Julia’s educational videos (oh but we sometimes sneak Modern Family and HIMYM re-runs into the DVD when Julia is asleepJ).  During early mornings and Sundays, we spend time reading and playing with Julia inside our room.

3.      Date night is a must and it’s not all about eating dinner or watching a movie.  It can be as simple as going to a grocery to buy household supplies, paying bills, (window) shopping, drinking coffee, attending a party, Bliss Hand and Feet Treatment, etc.  It doesn't matter how you spend it as long as you’re together.

4.      We share the bed with Julia.  She wakes up at 3-5am to drink her milk.  Luckily, most of the time, she sleeps again after.  If not, we make sure that either of us will spend time with her by playing with her toys or reading a book.

5.      Sunday is Julia’s day with Mommy and Daddy.  We take care of her and do some activities together.  This is also an opportunity for yaya and her grandmother to take some time off.

6.      Time-apart is as valuable as date night and Sundays with Julia.  We have activities that we do on our own.  I spend my me-time at Nail Spa, The Spa or I dine with my close friends.

Quality time is not just being together physically.  Sadly, I have seen families who dine together but are busy with their iPad, PSP, or phones.  No matter what the activities are, remember, communication builds relationships.  God-centered relationships build a happy home.

What other activities can you add to the list?
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