20 January 2012

Must-Bring When Travelling with Julia

I don't travel light.  I'd pack clothes good for 6 days for a 2-day trip.  So, I absolutely understood Don's horrified look when I finally booked our ticket to Davao last year (we celebrated Christmas there).  He probably thought, Mommy + Julia = a lot of luggage! Literally and figuratively, ha!

For our Davao trip, he was extremely pleased when we did not exceed our 45 kilos baggage limit at Cebu Pacific.  But he frowned a bit when he saw our car trunk and front seat full of bags when we went to Tarlac to celebrate the new year.  Hey, there's no excess baggage to pay for, so I can bring more, right? ;-)

Believe me, I wanted to bring Julia's (and mine!) entire closet.  Aside from clothes, here are some essentials that we brought with us:

The upcoming weekend is another opportunity to bond with our family.  Any plans?  What important and convenient things should you bring when travelling with your baby?

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