05 January 2012

Our Three-Fold Job Description As Parents

Don and I attended a Parenting Workshop at Victory Fort as a pre-requisite to Julia's Child Dedication last April 2011.  One of the highlights of the seminar is the discussion about our job description as parents.

Here's an excerpt from our Parenting 101:  Heart of Parenting handout:

  1. Parents as builders.
    • Parents are to:
      • Build spiritual foundations - Parents must follow the biblical blueprint, not family or cultural traditions.
      • Build relationships - Discipline and training are almost impossible without relationship.  Having a relationship built on trust and love helps our children open themselves up for training.
      • Build character - Skills and talents are important,  but character will outrun them anytime of the day.  Building the character of our kids requires a regular commitment, especially from the fathers.
      • Build good memories - Memories are like cement that hold a child's character together.  Good memories provide a healthy and positive outlook in life.
  2. Parents as watchmen.
    • Parents must be aware of dangerous influences and relationships that could harm their children.  Parents must be attentive and discerning, especially regarding friends, music and entertainment.
    • Parents must watch and guard the hearts of their children.  Parents are to watch what our children:
      • See (Friends, Relationships, Movies, Videos, Computer Games, Internet, etc.)
      • Hear (Entertainment, Music, Influences)
      • Say (Condition of their Heart)
  3. Parents as providers.
    • Parents should provide the following:
      • Physical Needs (physically present)
      • Emotional Needs (emotionally present)
      • Spiritual Needs (spiritual leadership) 

This made me realize that my day job is a lot easier than being a parent.  Every single day I worry about Julia.  Will she be well-mannered?  Will she grow up to be a kind, humble, generous and caring person?  Where will she study?  Will she be good in math?  (Coz I'm not!)  I have a long list of worries.

I think as parents, it is normal to worry about our children.  So, every day, I remind myself of Don's reply to my worries:  "Let's do our best as parents and trust God that He will ALWAYS protect her."

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