19 January 2012

Super Mom: Tin Torres of Sassy Hairsies

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:12

Being a mom, wife, daughter, and being able to work eight hours (or more!) a day in an office, maintain a household and still find time to do something you are passionate about is not easy.

As a first time mom, I am still adjusting to my new role.  Juggling it with all my other roles require discipline, commitment and A LOT of love!  The key, according to Stephen Covey, is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.

Aside from reading parenting books and blogs, I get inspiration from super moms like Tin Torres.  Tin is the mom behind Sassy Hairsies, a brand of luxury headpieces handmade with love, care and attention to detail.

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What is a typical day for you?

I'm a working mom.  And when I say "work", I don't mean Sassy Hairsies (Sassy Hairsies is F.U.N).  So on a regular day, I wake up early morning to spend time with Bea (and Harvey - the dog) and my husband.  We usually eat breakfast together as this is the only time during the weekdays that we get to spend time as a family.  Then I head off to my office where I spend about 12 hours a day in.  When I come home, Bea is usually asleep already.  That's my Sassy time.  I work on Sassy Hairsies every single night.  Be it working on an order or working on new stuff.  Then like clock work, Bea wakes up between 11pm - 1am and would insist we go to bed together.  And then come morning, we do it all over again.

How do you find time to do everything that you do?  (your day job, sassy hairsies, being a mom, a wife)

Hmm, tough question.  I'm a master at multi-tasking.

My day job, I have to make do.  It's still a significant portion of our income as a family.

Being a mom to a child and a dog is bittersweet.  I managed to squeeze taking care and spending time with them in my daily routine.  They're young and very dependent  on my husband and I so we do our best to be available for them.  Weekends are important.  We make sure to spend at least a day doing something fun.  We are regular visitors of Bonifacio High Street and we make it a point to visit the in laws in Eastwood as both are dog friendly places.  :-)

As for my duty as a wife, you'd probably notice the "out of towns".  Yes, those few days in every quarter we spend "alone time" away from everything.

As some of my Sassy moms know, I work alone with Sassy Hairsies.  From the design to the actual execution up to sending them out for delivery.  So you can imagine how long it takes me to release a certain collection.  When I get inspired, I create my prototype but I have to actually get used to making one on a daily basis so (1) hairsies will look a lot like the prototype and (2) minimal production time when orders come in.

That time it takes from prototyping to releasing takes the longest time.  In some cases, I do have some stuff made for about 6 months before I upload them for grabs!  Yes, that long!  Anyway, I squeeze in doing crafts every night and during weekend when my babies are all asleep.  And here's my little secret:  I have Sassy Hairsies stuff in my bag everyday!  (usually materials for making Beatrix as that one takes a really long time to make) Also, for a while now, it has been my constant Friday night date.  Haha!

What are some of your blessings that you are thankful for as you kick off your 2012?

Sassy Hairsies speaking, I am so thankful for the success of Sassy Hairsies (I have orders placed before kicking off 2012 and that's really a huge deal for me!  Considering everyone's busy around that time).  I am so blessed to have such loyal sassy girls.  They are the best!

But most importantly, my family.  At the end of the day, it's the most important thing in the world.  As long as they're happy, fed and loved, I am contented.  The rest are just icing on the cake!  :-)

Check out Sassy Hairsies Spring-Summer 2012 Collection and other fabulous collections at http://sassyhairsies.multiply.com/

Julia's favorite Sassy Hairsies headbands.

Super Mom Photo from coolgraphic.org
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