14 February 2012

Love Covenant

Dear Julia,

LOVE is all about our reverence to Christ.

True love is not seen on the flowers, chocolates and gifts we give and receive.  It is not felt simply by spending time together or saying "I love you" everyday.  Love for one another is all about respect, humility and love for God.  You will experience and know more about love through us, we promise.  Your Daddy and I are not perfect, so there will be challenges as we grow as a family.  What is important is we know how to overcome them and learn from them.

Anyway, just last week, Daddy and I were talking about how fast you have grown since you were born.  We know that you will eventually live your own life and you won't need us as much.  Our role as your parents is to build a solid foundation for you.  So, here's our LOVE COVENANT:

We will hold your hand as you learn (and unlearn) and discover life.

We will walk with you in whatever path you will choose. 
It won't be easy, you will make mistakes.
We will pray to God, that he will protect you and keep you from harm.

We will be there with you as you grow
in your relationship with God.

We will insist on our rules on safety, education, friends, respect,
humility and family time.

We promise to discipline you.  It will hurt you and make you cry. 
You will even hate us for it.  But, trust us, it will make you a better person.

We will respect you and make your welfare our priority.

We will encourage you to read, meet new friends, 
play any sport you are interested in, learn arts & crafts and music.  
You may not have the latest gadgets like the other kids, but
your knowledge, creativity and social skills will be enriched.

We will have fun together.  We will create memories with you.
We will travel. We will visit parks and museums.

Soon (at age 32, according to Daddy), you will be celebrating Valentine's Day with someone.  For now, your date choices are limited:  Daddy, Mommy or both.  

Our love for you, little princess, is unconditional and forever.

Happy Valentine's Day,
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