29 March 2012

5 Life Lessons from my Daughter

I was walking along 32nd Avenue at Bonifacio Global City when I saw cars turning left to 5th Avenue.  The intersection was open, but the traffic light was red.  I laughed and remembered Julia.  As soon as she feels her feet on the ground, she would walk like she is 5 feet taller and 120 pounds heavier.  She will not let any living thing, furniture or any obstruction  get in her way.  In the same way, she exempts no living thing, furniture or any obstruction from scrutiny.  She is almost 14 months old and her developing motor skills have opened a whole new world for  her.

No one really taught us how to walk.  We make that momentous first step without warning or advance notice.  Indeed, walking is one of the miracles of life.  So when Julia started to walk, Don and I are thrilled!  This means that she is taking little steps to achieving her life's potentials.  As much as we want to hold her while walking or lift her every time she falls, we just stay beside her, ready to help when she needs it.  We give her the opportunity to practice, too.  Just recently, we redesigned our Sunday schedule and went to places where she can walk freely and safely without giving us a heart attack.

During our "practice" walks, our goal is to enhance her curiosity, confidence and independence by giving her enough space to walk on her own.  In between every rise and fall, "no-do-not-touch-that," "no-don't-go- there," "stop" and "time to go," we hope she learns about trust, persistence, courage, discipline, humility and flexibility.  I was so engrossed with my role that it took me some time to realize that Julia is also teaching Don and I important lessons that we can apply as we go through a difficult phase in our married life.


I realized that aside from reading materials, advice and testimonials from family and friends, Don and I have a little teacher, Julia, that will journey with us as we brave the challenges of family life.

How about you?  What important lessons did your child teach you?

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