03 April 2012

Confessions of an Unhealthy Mom

An Apple a Day, keeps the Doctor away...!!
An apple a day isn't all it takes to be healthy. 
I do not eat vegetables.  I don't know why, really.  It is not just about the taste because I have not tried every single kind.  I don't know when it started, I just decided I don't like them and I won't eat them.  If it is green and/or classified as vegetable, I don't even bother to try.  Sometimes, my officemates would let me try a dish and will tell me there's vegetable in it only after I swallowed it.  Cheap trick, ha!   

I do not exercise regularly either.  Okay, I do not exercise period.  Hey, I tried!  As I mentioned in my previous post, I tried badminton and running.  I even enrolled at Plana Forma and I survived the 4x4 Challenge.  You HAVE to give me credit for that!  Obviously, I stopped and decided that eating makes me happier.  

I told you, I survived Plana Forma's 4x4 challenge.  My name is on the list! :-)
I love junk (aka fast and instant) food, I smoked and I could finish a bottle of wine (in one sitting).  That was almost 2 years ago, before I was pregnant with Julia.  Now, I don't smoke anymore and I seldom drink alcohol.  Junk food?  You guessed it, I still love them.  When I was still young, my mom would always cook healthy food for us.  So when I was old enough to have the money to buy junk food, I got hooked.  I always tell myself that I am still young and I can eat whatever I want.  

But when Julia started eating solids, I realized I needed to change my eating habits.  I cannot tell her, "Julia, look!  Daddy's eating vegetables!" while I munch lechon kawali for lunch.  I am only 33 years old and I already have hypertension and dessicated disc disease (DDD).  The thought of not being able to be with Julia when she graduates, get married, have children made me shiver.  More importantly, I do not want Julia to be influenced by my unhealthy lifestyle.

So after several trips to St. Luke's Global City for check up and therapy this month, I finally accepted that it is time to change.  No more procrastination.  So, effective immediately, my 4 health goals for 2012 are:
  1. I will exercise (as prescribed by my physical therapist) every morning.  These are simple exercises to strengthen my back.
  2. I will never smoke again.  As of this writing, I have not puffed a cigarette for the past 23 months.
  3. I will never drink (like there is no tomorrow) excessively. 
  4. I will lessen intake of fast food, instant meals, soda, chips and other junk food.
  5. I will eat more fruits and vegetables.
Hey, I hope you did not expect me to completely eliminate junk food.  I mean, it is ideal, but not realistic for me.  My goals this year may look simple, but believe me, it will take a lot of effort, especially number 1 and 5.  Despite this, I am determined to achieve them.  They are baby steps that will eventually lead to a healthier lifestyle for me AND Julia.

What unhealthy habits do you have?  How do you plan to change it?

Photo from Flickr and Plana Forma 
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