24 April 2012

Last Night's Concert

Last night, I slept for only about 2 hours because of our Dhaka, Bangladesh drama.  I must have had too much coffee this morning because it's 5 minutes to Wednesday and I'm still singing Wilson Phillip's Hold On music video posted by Neva (Manila Mommy).

I started searching for music videos of my favorite songs back in the 90s.  Yes, 90s.  Yes, I am old.  Yes, you can laugh all you want.  I love the songs before (90s and older).  They are songs, not noise!  But, that's just probably me.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites:

This 1971 song, Danny's Song, is close to my heart.  When Don and I were just starting our relationship and our respective careers, we just had enough money to get by and we would just laugh and sing this song.

What is your favorite 90's (or older) song?
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