16 April 2012

{Monday Motivation} God's Time is the Best Time

Didn't we all hate it all when Ryan Seacrest announced last week that Jessica Sanchez, an American Idol hopeful, got the lowest number of votes and may be eliminated from the contest?  And didn't we all feel relieved when Jennifer Lopez grabbed the microphone from Jessica while Randy Jackson together with Steven Tyler declared that they will save and keep Jessica in the competition.  The news was trending in twitter, the video had a lot of views in You Tube and quite a number of shares in Facebook, and comments were overflowing.

From A Wise Woman Builds Her Home Facebook Page
It's just like life, isn't it?  You work hard in your company and yet your accomplishments are not rewarded.  It was your perfect performance and yet you lose the competition.  You do everything to balance work and family but in spite of that your relationships are faltering.  You prepared well for a client presentation but was not able to close the deal.  Everyday, we face similar situations where doing the right thing doesn't seem to be the right thing to do.

It's disheartening.  When I feel shortchanged or hopeless or discouraged, I remember this verse:

"Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." (Proverbs 16:3)

When I first read the verse, I thought God doesn't like my goals at all!  I commit what I do to Him and yet my plans seem far fetched and no matter what I do, they seem unattainable.  After Worship Night at Victory Fort last week, I realized that I was fretting on worldly concerns and anxiously striving to achieve my goals and plans.  It became a priority over my relationship with God.

As I face another week, I keep in mind that Proverbs 16:3 requires two (2) things:
  1. Relationship with God - asking for the things we need and want is not prayer.  Prayer is talking and listening to Him.  Though difficult, I should do His will in all aspects of my life.  My words and my actions should honor Him.  My relationship with other people should reflect my love for Him.   
  2. Acceptance that prayers are answered "In His time" - I keep on forgetting that no and not now are answers too.  His will and in His Time.  This, for me, is the most difficult.  Everything has a purpose and things happen because it is His divine plan.  I get that a lot when things don't work out for me.  Sometimes, I find them difficult to digest.  But it is true.  Through faith, I know that God is in control and His plan is what's best for me.
This week will surely be a mixture of triumphs and disappointments.  Just like Jessica (I wish I can sing like her!), I will continue to work hard to succeed.  With prayers and faith, I know I will be a step closer to my achieving my plans and goals.  

What are your goals?  What are the challenges you face in achieving them?
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