10 April 2012

My Babywearing Experience

I bought SaYa from Jenny Ong of Mama.Baby.Love and Chronicles of A Nursing Mom a few months after Julia was born.  I must confess, I tried it but did not use it.  I am one of those moms who have hesitations about babywearing.  Is it safe?  Is it comfortable for Julia?  Will it affect Julia's posture?  Because those questions were unanswered, we settled on carrying her with our arms and using a stroller for long walks.

When Julia was 10 months old, we started using a structured carrier.  Its convenience was undeniable, especially when we traveled to Davao to visit my parents last December. Since then, Julia loves "hanging out" with her daddy more than sitting on her stroller.  

I always complain to Don that I do not get to babywear Julia as often as he does. Using the structured carrier was painful for my back so when I saw Jenny's announcement about Babywearing 4 at Facebook, I remembered my SaYa.  It's about time I learn to use it.  I was so excited that we were at the venue an hour and a half early! 

Thanks to Mothering Earthlings for the P500 GC!
While waiting, I visited the SaYa booth and was fortunate to have a one-on-one tutorial with Joy.  Within minutes, I learned how to properly use the SaYa. And within minutes also, Julia fell asleep.  Yaya Lani was impressed. Ever since Julia learned to walk on her own, sleeping is at the bottom of her to-do list.  Needless to say, Julia and I fell in love with babywearing.

Julia and I with Buding and Joy.

The program was hosted by Eliza Santiago-Ypon of the Painter's Wife.  First in the agenda was the presentation of history, benefits and safety of babywearing by Jenny.  After that, there were demonstrations of the different types of baby carriers.  It was very informative and helpful.  Oh, and there were lots of raffle prizes, too!  

The best thing about that day was that my questions about babywearing were answered:

Is it safe? 
Yes.  There are two (2) important things in babywearing safety:
  1. Size matters.  You must use a baby carrier that has the right size for you AND your baby. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.  When buying, it's best that you and your baby try and fit the baby carrier. 
  2. Proper positioning of the baby.  Read about positioning in this link   
Is it comfortable?  
Yes.  Julia is close to me or Don.  Why won't it be comfortable?  But, remember:  Though being held close to us has its benefits, babywearing can cause stress for you and your baby if positioning is wrong.  Read this link to learn more. 

Is it damaging to a child's posture?  
No, if babywearing is done properly.  Hip dysplasia and other health issues related to babywearing can be prevented.  Here's another helpful link about positioning.

Thank you to all the organizers and sponsors of Babywearing 4!
Thank you to Stan Ong Photography for the photos.
The key to successful babywearing is education.  It can be unsafe, uncomfortable for you and your baby and it can damage your child's posture if you do not know how to do it properly.  Where to start?  Google babywearing and the internet will refer you to a lot of helpful sites.  Also, there are a lot of blogs where moms write about their babywearing experiences. Or better, why don't you join us on the next Babywearing event!

Do you wear your baby?  I'd love to hear your babywearing experience.
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