12 April 2012

Summer Hang-outs (no luggages needed)

I was born and raised in Davao City.  When I was in grade school, I looked forward to that no-school-no-homework season called summer.  April and May were my favorite months because of summer workshops and our family vacation trips.   Imagine, two months of just having fun!

I remember taking  swimming, tennis and piano lessons.  Well, my interest in sports and music were not pursued.  But that doesn't mean my mom wasted money by letting me take those classes.  I learned about patience, discipline and perseverance.  Weekdays were mainly for long naps, playtime and afternoon classes.  During Sundays, we would go to the beach early morning and be back in the afternoon in time for church.  

Our family's out-of-town vacation trips, on the other hand, were scheduled after summer classes were over.  We would either go to Manila or Iloilo to visit our relatives.  I remember loving our trips to Luneta Park, Manila Zoo, Camp John Hay in Baguio and the beaches in Batangas.  Our roadtrips to Passi and batchoy-all-you-want visits to La Paz are my favorites in Iloilo.

One of our Iloilo trips to visit my Aunt (1989)

I would like Julia to enjoy summer, too.  I would like her to learn how to cook, bake, sing, dance, play the guitar, and swim.  Don't get me wrong, I will not force her to do something she doesn't like.  I'm not a manipulative monster type of mom.  I just want to provide her with learning opportunities to help her find her life's passion.  At 14 months old, Julia is still too young for these lessons (and we have a self imposed travel ban for the next 15 months which I will tell you more about next month).  So, Don and I decided to visit parks, gardens and family activity areas with Julia within Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

Every Thursday this summer, I will share our experiences in the different places we have been to in a section called Road Trip.   Road Trip aims to give you suggestions on where you can spend time with your family and create memories with them.  Reservations and extensive planning is unnecessary. It will not cost much, either.  Trust me, you just need your baby's bag, picnic basket filled with food and a car filled with fuel.

Here's a preview of our recent road trips that I am excited to share with you in the coming weeks:

Based on the photographs and locations, can you guess where we went? 

Some photos from www.eatandrun.com.ph
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