27 May 2012

Make learning fun with Scotch® & Post-it® Products

The end of May signals the end of summer.  A time most students look forward to because it means a new school year is about to start.  Providing money for tuition fee payment and buying books and school supplies are not our only responsibilityA.   The tasks to review their lessons every night, to help them with their assignments and school projects, to motivate them to learn and do well in class and to monitor their progress in school are part of our job description as parents.
This overwhelming responsibility to guide our children in their education requires parents to commit and invest quality time and effort.  In this day and age, we need to be more creative and pro-active in looking for ways to be effective teachers at home.  Who said studying and fun can't blend well together?  Here are fun tips to help us with our role:

Post it so you won't forget it!

Your little learner relies on you to manage his time.  With your busy schedule (and probably an effect of the epidural), you might forget a few things.  Best way is to have a visual reminder near your child's study area.  Post the schedule or curriculum and other reminders using the Scotch® Magic™ Tape.  I guarantee, it won't damage your table or wall unlike other adhesives.  So, you don't need to worry about changing calendars and reminders every month.  Just make sure your cute rabbit dispenser is accessible and ready when you need it.

Make fun and colorful review notes.

Reviewing lessons at home is not usually fun.  To make it more interesting, write key word/s or draw a picture on a Post-it® Original Note.  There is a variety of colors to choose from... lavander, canary yellow, green, pink, blue and orange.  

Stick the Post-it® Notes in different areas inside the house.  This way your little learner will not forget the lessons for the day/week.
I can't wait for Julia to start "real" school.  Seriously.  I love going to National Bookstore to buy school supplies.  More than that, I look forward to learning math, rediscovering science and understanding history all over again with her.  

Aside from Scotch® Magic™ Tape and Post-it® Original Notes, check out other products like Post-it® Flags and Post-it® Page Markers.

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