31 May 2012

{Road Trip} Avilon Zoo, Montalban Zoological Park

Don and I decided to explore the North area of Metro Manila.  Avilon Zoo was highly recommended by some friends.  As usual, Don took charge of knowing the directions (I suck at reading maps).  Unfortunately, Google Map was not able to give us the accurate instructions going to the zoo.  I must admit, when we were on our way, I was already convincing Don to make a U-turn and just go home.  Anyway, after so many stop overs to ask for directions, we finally arrived at the Avilon Zoo.

Our princess is excited.  As always :-)

The parking area, entrance and the reception area didn't impress me at all.  I was already apologizing to Don and was ready to declare it a road trip fail.  But as soon as we entered the zoo proper, I was glad Don did not listen to me.  Avilon Zoo is one of the best that we have visited here in the Philippines.  According to its website, the 7.5-hectare land area exhibits more than 3,000 specimens of exotic and indigenous animals represented by more than 600 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, fishes and invertebrates.  There are also about 400 species of plants which more than half are endemic to the Philippines.
Egyptian ducks greeted us at the entrance.

Our first stop was the feeding area.  We had a pictorial with the birds.  The photos were not nice (read:  I did not look nice in the photo).  After, we bought a carrot for P20.00.  Then Julia and I went inside the guinea pig area to feed them.  As soon as we stepped inside, the guinea pigs started following us!  I was horrified!  I was so scared but I wasn't showing it to Julia.  The carrot?  Gone in less than 60 seconds.

The zoo is well maintained, the employees are friendly and helpful and the rest rooms are clean.  We regretted not getting a tour guide because we were not able to visit a lot of areas.  7.5 hectares is huge and it was 10 o'clock in the morning!  Maybe next time, when Julia is older, we will visit again (around late afternoon, I promise.) and we definitely hire the services of a tour guide (it costs P400.00 only).

Julia enjoyed walking and running around.  Don and I had fun seeing the different animals.  There are plenty. Here are photos of some of our favorites.

Timon waiting for Pumbaa,
Shhh.  The King is sleeping.
Avilon Zoo
Bo. San Isidro, Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal
(02) 948 9866

Directions:  Don't use Google Map for directions.  But you may use it to be familiar with this route:  From Edsa (South), head towards the north.  Turn right at Quezon Avenue.  Make another right upon reaching the elliptical road (QC Circle).  Turn right at Commonwealth Avenue.  Turn right to Litex Road (Payatas Road).  At the end, you will see two roads leading to different directions.  Take the Montalban Highway (right side) route.  At the end of Montalban Highway (dead end), turn left (JP Rizal Avenue).  Then turn right at MH Del Pilar Street (after Montalban Spring Water Station).  Turn left at C. Reyes Street.  You will pass an unfinished bridge after Montalban View Hotel.  From there you will see Avilon Zoo directional signs.  Follow it.

Entrance Fee:  P300.00 (Adult), P200.00 (Children less than 3.5 feet)

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