01 June 2012

How to Recover Corrupted Files

While I was doing my files back-up (from office laptop and thumb drives to my external hard drive), I discovered that most of Julia's last quarter 2011 digital photo files in my thumb drive are corrupted.  I couldn't open the file folders!

Seriously, I thought I was going to collapse.  I couldn't breath well, I was sweating!

I frantically googled:  "How to recover corrupted folder?"

According to Microsoft Support, here's how:
  1. Click Start and then click Run.
  2. In the Open Box, type chkdsk f/ <drive>:
  3. Click Ok.
My blood pressure started to normalize when I was able to open all of the file folders again.  Some photos were recovered.  Some, still unreadable or cannot be previewed.

Luckily, I have a copy of some of the corrupted photo files in my net book.  But I lost a lot of good photos, too.

Moral of the Story?  BACK-UP REGULARLY and BACK-UP the BACK-UP.

Here's a helpful link on backing up your photos.

Photo from Whatever you do, back it up!.  

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