17 June 2012

Cruisin' Daddy

Thank you, Don...

... for being Julia's official butt cleaner.  I remember the day you went back to work after your paternity leave, Julia didn't stain her diaper at all.  Soon after you arrived home, she turned red, made her own version of the "datu puti" look and then, that familiar "poo" smell filled the air.  Alas, she must have thought, my butt cleaner is home.

... for singing Auld Lang Syne to put her to sleep when she was just a day old.  I complained so you sang With A Smile instead.  I love Eraserheads so I agreed.  Now, at 16 months, she sings like a pro.

... for making Julia laugh.  Remember that time when we went home early?  She smiled when she saw me at the door.  But, she screamed and clapped her hands when she saw you come in.  My heart was confused.  It didn't know whether it should break into pieces or jump for joy.

... for being a hands-on dad.  Too hands-on that her first word was Dada.  I can't complain.  I love it when you volunteer to change her diaper, feed her or put her to sleep.  I beam every time my friends notice how involve you are in taking care of Julia.

... for insisting that Julia should learn how to swim.  Without your swim activities, she would probably end up like me, no interest in sports.

... for still believing in the simple pleasures of life -- you made us realize that a walk in the park or a trip to the zoo is still a fun way to bond and spend time together,

... for being a loyal and hard-working employee.  The health care benefit, free medicines and vaccines provided by your employer has helped us tremendously.  I gave birth at one of the best hospitals in the Philippines and we paid less that P3,000.00.  We only pay P50.00 per pediatrician visit.  Her medicines are free until age 7!  Best part is, you love your job.  Your eyes sparkle every time you talk about your latest "problem" at work.  You love it when you are faced with a project that require you to research, analyze and be strategic.

I don't say this often, I know.  Thank you for everything.  Loving Julia is the best way you can love me.  Thank you for loving me the best way you can.

Happy Father's Day!
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