18 June 2012

{Monday Motivation} You Are Beautiful

I used to hate mirrors.  Simply because I did not like the way I look.  I have long accepted that I am ugly.  UGLY. Period.  Well, there are three men who say I am not -- Edgar, Edward and Don -- my dad, my brother and my husband.

I remember being bullied in grade school because I have curly hair and a flat nose.  I can still remember the name of my classmate.  He would tease me and call me names like kulot (curly) and pango (flat nose).  I cried a lot.  I remember being insecure and shy.  In high school and college, I just accepted that I am ugly and went on with my life.  I felt more liberated thinking that acceptance was my only option.

Now, I laugh about my flat nose and curly hair.  You don't like it?  That's okay.  I was created beautiful by God.  I am surrounded by family and friends who love me unconditionally.  I will make sure that Julia understands this.  She is beautiful.  I will not allow society's definition of beauty define her being.

"Our God, our creator, instills in us what we lack.  Our identity is defined by Him."
"There is no fear in love.  But, perfect love cast out all fear." (1 John 4:18)
"...Finally there is truth of a perfect love that has no bounds..."
"Take in from a guy who has no arms and legs.  Life can be cruel.  People can be faultless or just plain mean. So I have learned to keep returning to the validation of the only one who is qualified to give it.  Friend, you are a child of God."
So, do you feel ugly today?

Let me tell you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Say this:  I AM BEAUTIFUL.

Video from Life Without Limbs - Nick Vujicic From No Limbs to No Limits

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