08 June 2012

St. Luke's e-Health

I wrote in my previous post that health care is one of the employee benefits that I appreciate the most.  I did not realize its importance until Julia was born.  And lately, I have been going to the hospital for check-up and therapy.  Yes, I am getting old.  I can feel it.

Working six days a week leaves me with one (1) day to do everything -- household errands, go to church, spend time with family, go to a salon for haircut, manicure or pedicure, pay bills, go to the supermarket, etc. Because of this, I have learned to shop and pay bills online.  With my work schedule, managing my leave credits is a challenge.  I usually reserve them for Julia's pedia appointments. So, I am grateful that St. Luke's Global City is an accredited hospital of our company HMO provider and it is just walking distance from where I work.
Last Tuesday, I went to St. Luke's for a check up and for a couple of laboratory tests.  While waiting for my bladder to be full for my KUB Ultrasound, I saw this:.

According to the brochure, St. Luke's e-Health is a web-based facility that allows you to view, save or print your diagnostic test results.  It is accessible FREE of charge at www.stlukesmedicalcenter.com.ph.   At the back of this brochure is the registration/authorization form.  I quickly signed and forwarded it to the nurse at the Ultrasound Area.  You will see this brochure in all centers and institutes within the building.  As soon as I submitted, the receptionist assisted me and I was able to register in two minutes.

I was able to finish all tests by 7pm.  I was delighted that I do not need to wait for the next day for the laboratory test results.   My urinalysis result was available after two hours and the KUB Ultrasound result after four hours.  I was able to view both results online when I got home.  Words of caution though.  When you read your results online, don't believe everything Google will tell you.  Wait for your doctor's interpretation of the result.  You might be worrying about something that you should not be concerned about.

I have to be back later for another check up.  I don't like going to hospitals, but I'm happy that I have a supportive pharmacist husband who explains to me, using more simple terms, what the doctor said or what the tests are for.   I am also glad that in St. Luke's Global City, I don't experience any unnecessary stress because of inconvenience and inefficiency.

Here are more reasons why I like St. Luke's Global City
  • There are doctors whose schedule is at late afternoon.  So instead of filing for a leave, I file undertime.  Hence, I keep my leave credits intact and reserved for Julia.

  • Most of the laboratories are open for 24 hours.  Some are until midnight.  So, even if I'm doctor's appointment is at late afternoon, I can still go through with the laboratory tests after.

  • No lines!  Well, maybe because it's new and people are intimidated by the fact that it's one of the 25 most beautiful hospitals in the world (read: expensive).

  • I like it that St. Luke's will only print your laboratory result when you are already there to get it.  You just need to wait for a minute or two.  Saves paper, so I guess it's worth the wait.  Also, instead of printing film, they save it on a CD.  

  • Their system is centralized and updated.  Just give them your Patient Identification Number (PIN).  I guess that is why printing of results and registration for the e-Health is fast.  You medical history is well recorded in their system.

  • Cafe Via Mare, Starbucks and Mary Grace.

There are a couple of things I don't like.  The parking is expensive and the elevators have a mind of their own.  Seriously!  I was inside the elevator, on the way up to the 10th floor of the medical arts building.  Then, it stopped at the 7th floor and the arrow going down appeared at the elevator panel.  So, I, together with the other passengers, alighted from the elevator at the 7th floor and waited for another lift.  Weird.  That happened to me twice already.

Anyway, my general experience at St. Luke's is great.  I hope it stays that way.

What hospital/clinic do you go to?  What are your likes/dislikes about their facilities and services? 
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