13 July 2012

{HR Mom} Have a New Baby? Update your Employee Records

The arrival of a baby in the family is such a blessing and of course, life changing.  If you are a working mom, aside from the adjustments that you do at home, you also need to update your employment records as soon as you go back to work after your maternity leave.

Your Company HR cannot automatically update your records.  It is your responsibility to formally inform them of the changes by accomplishing and submitting the necessary forms and requirements.

You cannot update your records with out your baby's birth certificate.
  • The original birth certificate is available 2-3 weeks after you gave birth.
  • The NSO issued birth certificate will only be available 3-4 months after you gave birth.
  • Because you need to update your records as soon as possible, you may request for certified true copies (CTC) at the city hall where your baby's birth certificate was issued.  To avoid the hassle of going back when you need it again, request for at least five (5) CTCs.
So, what do you need to update after giving birth?
Here's a list.
  • Your Employee Records and Benefits
    • Update your 201 File.
      • Most companies have an Employee Records Update Form.
      • Accomplish the form and submit it with a certified true copy of your baby's birth certificate.
    • If you have a health care coverage, enroll your baby as your new dependent.
      • Most Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) have a 30-day enrollment period.  This means that you have to enroll your baby as a dependent within 30 days after you give birth.
      • In the absence of a form, you may email your HR to formally inform them of your instruction to include your baby as a dependent.
      • There is no need to forward a copy of the birth certificate to the HMO.  This is because your HR will be the one to certify that you baby is eligible to be your additional dependent.
    • If you have a life insurance coverage, include your baby as your beneficiary.
      • Your HR also will do this for you.  In the absence of a form, you may email your HR to formally inform them of your instruction to include your baby as beneficiary.
  • Your Member Records with Government Services Agencies (In most companies, the HR Department will be the one to submit the requirements to the government services agencies.  Hence, you must submit a letter stating that you authorize your company representative to transact/update on your behalf) 
    • Social Security System (SSS)
      • Accomplish SSS Form E-4 (Member's Data Amendment)
      • Photocopy of your baby's birth certificate
      • Your HR will present the certified true copy (the one you already submitted for your 201) to SSS because they need to verify the photocopy of birth certificate that will be submitted. 
      • SSS should return the certified true copy to your company representative.
    • Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth)
      • Accomplish PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF)
      • Photocopy of your baby's birth certificate
      • Like SSS, your company representative will present a certified true copy for verification.
      • PhilHealth does not need to get the certified true copy of your baby's birth certificate
      • PhilHealth will immediately update record and will provide an updated Member Data Record (MDR).
      • HR will keep the MDR filed in your 201.
      • Make sure you have a photocopy of the updated MDR for your personal file.
    • Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) - This applies to working moms who declares the dependents for additional exemption.  
      • Accomplish BIR Form 2305 (Certificate of Update of Exemption and of Employer's and Employee's Information)
      • Photocopy of your baby's NSO issued birth certificate
      • You need to provide a copy of the original NSO issued birth certificate.  Your company representative will present it for verification and it will be returned.
Again, it is our responsibility to update our records.  This should be done as soon as you have your baby's birth certificate.  Approach your HR Representative and they will be able to help you by informing you of the documents that you need to submit.  They should be able to explain the procedures that need to be done in order to update your records.

Did I miss anything?  Are there other records that a mom should update after giving birth?

Disclaimer:  I do not work for SSS, PhilHealth and BIR.  I am not in any way connected to these organizations. I am not compensated for this either.  I work as HR Manager for a private company and the above information is based on what we do in our organization.  The information above may only be used as reference.  Policies and procedures may be different in your organization.

Thank you to Jaecel, our ever reliable HR Specialist for helping me with this post.
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