03 July 2012

I May Die Tomorrow (Not a Suicide Letter)


It is true. Tomorrow (or sooner), you, me or anyone we love just might die.

Yesterday, I tweeted about the sudden death of Don's aunt. She lives in Texas and it was a typical Sunday morning. She and her husband were cleaning the house and just like the previous Sundays, she cleaned the windows at the second floor. But that day, she missed a step going down the ladder. She fell and was rushed to the nearest hospital. The internal bleeding was unstoppable and she died after a few hours.

Don met her once when he went to the States to visit them. She is the wife of Don's favorite uncle (younger brother of his mom). Don's uncle loves her so much and was married to her for 22 years.

On our way home from work, Don and I talked about how short life is... How quickly it can be taken away from us. I will not argue about the fact that God is in control. I know that and I accept that. What gave me goosebumps was the thought that her death was so unexpected and sudden. On that day, because she thought that it was just like any other day, was she able to tell her husband and 2 children that she loves them? And because that day was supposed to be their usual day for house cleaning, were the kids and Don's uncle able to let her know that they love her?

These thoughts made us silent for a while. Then I told Don, "life is too short to be spent on petty and unimportant things." Sometimes we dwell on anger, bitterness, material things, our career, our worries, and all that is irrelevant the moment we or someone we love die.

So, before it's too late, let us live, love and laugh, shall we?

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