14 July 2012

New Beginnings Community + An Awesome Giveaway

someecards.com - It takes a whole village to raise a child. (African Proverb)

The African proverb is right.  It does take a village to raise a child.  As parents, of course, Don and I are primarily responsible for Julia. but we have our "village" -- our family, friends, christian community -- who support us and help us raise Julia to be a happy, responsible, God-fearing and healthy individual.

Today, technology has expanded the meaning of "village".  Moms go on-line to research and to connect with other moms.  Communities are now established online for moms to help other moms by sharing their learning from experiences, giving advice, providing practical tips related to pregnancy, parenting, marriage, etc.

I mentioned in my previous post that I was invited by New Beginnings to attend Coach Pia's progressive parenting talk.  I learned a lot, not only from Coach Pia but also from other moms who attended the talk.  This is what the New Beginnings Community is all about.
The New Beginnings Community is a group of progressive mothers who view pregnancy in a whole new light.  NBC offers a progressive environment where they can grow with fellow mums and discover unlimited ways on how they can maximize their maternal experience with practical information and the latest trends in pregnancy and motherhood.  This community embraces all mothers, and provides them with guidance and support throughout their pregnancy.
Aside from Coach Pia's progressive parenting talks, there are other activities for expectant mothers to help them prepare for their new beginnings.
  • Life Coaching from Coach Pia
  • Mothercare Pre-Natal Talks
  • Kindermusik MamaMusik Festival with Teacher Jeannie
  • Useful instructional videos
  • Sharing stories with other pregnant mom who are going through the same things as their fellow moms.
If you are an expectant mom, yes, these activities are for you!  Visit New Beginnings website to be part of this progressive community!  Like New Beginnings on Facebook to know more about these activities.

To make this even more exciting New Beginnings is hosting an awesome giveaway in partnership with Mothering Earthlings (Yup, Rone is a progressive mom too!).

We will not make this difficult for you.  Just follow the simple steps via Rafflecopter and you will get a chance to win P2,500.00 worth of products (of your choice) from Mothering Earthlings! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want more chances to win?  Visit Young.Mom.Love! You can only win once, okay :-)
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