05 July 2012

{Road Trip} La Mesa Ecopark, Quezon City

Last Sunday, after Julia's Kindermusik class, we decided to visit the La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City.  Don said is farther than Avilon Zoo, so I brought more books and toys for Julia to play with inside the car.  Of course I did not forget her anti-mosquito patch and Messy Bessy Mosquito Repellent.

La Mesa Ecopark is a 33-hectare public park located outside the La Mesa Watershed.  Bantay Kalikasan, together with MWSS and the Quezon City government rehabilitated, renovated and opened the park to the public in 2004 to sustain the Save La Mesa Watershed Project.  As most of you know, the La Mesa Watershed was  affected by illegal settling, poaching and logging.  Due to lack of funds, ABS-CBN through Bantak Kalikasan and MWSS formed the Save La Mesa Watershed Project to rehabilitate, reforest, preserve and protect the La Mesa Watershed.

Today, La Mesa Ecopark is a venue providing for healthful outdoor recreation and true forest experience.  Families and friends will enjoy the following facilities:  picnic grounds, salt water swimming pool, boating and fishing lagoons, fitness and mountain bike trail, flower terraces, ecomuseum, butterfly trail and hatchery.  They also have pavilions and camping facilities for private functions.

I highly recommend that you visit La Mesa Ecopark, after the "Code Red" alert has been lifted, of course.

Here are our photos:

Trash cans!  Yey!

A lot of wash areas around the park.

Cottages are free-of-charge

Fishing area

Drilon Orchidarium

Horse Riding P100.00
Fitness and Mountain Bike Trail

When Julia is old enough, we will climb trees too! :-)

We ate lunch at Ilonngo Sinugba.  Paid P140.00 for 2 meals (tilapia/rice/salted eggs/tomatoes and pork belly/rice).

I didn't want this stamp on my arm but I had no choice.  Don didn't want me to make a scene.

Le Mesa Ecopark
La Mesa Dam Compound, Greater Largo, Quezon City
Directions here.  
Rates here.
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