26 July 2012

{Road Trip} Our Sunday Indoor Family Activities

Last Sunday was Julia's 1st day of class in her "little school" -- Kindermusik "Our Time".  She was a bit overwhelmed because her classmates are new and most of kids there are older than she is.  But, she warmed up real fast when she saw familiar faces...  Teacher Jeannie, Teacher Maya, three of her classmates from her Village summer class.

Because it was raining, we decided to postpone our plan to go to a park.  So, we went to Shangri-la Mall instead.  I love everything about this mall... well, not everything.  They are currently renovating the parking area and boy, you really need a lot of patience as you wait for a space to park.  They have a valet service but I have not tried it yet.  The mall is clean and spacious. They have roving guards who constantly remind clients, especially those eating in restaurants, to be mindful of their belongings.  For me, it is a family-friendly mall.  In fact, there is a nice breastfeeding station inside the mall that Cheska wrote about in her blog, Young.Mom.Love.

We ate lunch at our favorite, Cibo.  I was able to eat my favorite potato chips, Spinach dip, Rigatoni All 'Alfonso and Tuna Sandwich because Julia was sleeping in her SaYa.

Daddy Don went to the barber shop for his haircut while Julia and I played at Gymboree :-)

It was a great day.  No matter where we spend it -- indoors or outdoors -- Sundays will always be a fun day for us.

How about you?  How do you spend your rainy Sundays?
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