19 July 2012

{Road Trip} Washington Sycip Park, Makati

We went "park hopping" two weeks ago in Makati.  After we strolled and had lots of fun at Ayala Triangle Gardens, we went to Legaspi Street to visit the Washington Sycip Park.

We saw two young boys playing sungka :-)

Before we went park hopping, I already had a list of parks in Makati to visit.  I was particularly excited about the Washington Sycip Park because I read good reviews from blogs and other websites.  But, when we got there, I was a little disappointed.  The gazebo and benches were dirty.  The park was not well-maintained.  There were a lot of mosquitoes so we had to leave right away.  I felt a little sad because the park looked great based on the photos I saw online dated 2010 and 2011.

The trees, plants and benches are in good condition.  I hope the owner/s of this park will revive and improve its cleanliness.  I'm sure with proper maintenance the park will be a great place for the family again.

Washington Sycip Park
Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village, Makati

Entrance is free.
You are not allowed to bring your pet/s inside.
Directions here
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