26 August 2012

Amanda Loving Life

Last Saturday, I was thrilled to be invited to have lunch with my fellow mommy bloggers and Ms. Amanda Griffin-Jacob.  She just launch her new show and she would like to personally tell us all about it.

I follow Amanda's website, Glam-O-Mamas so I was really excited to meet her and know more about her new show, Amanda Loving Life.  I have always wondered how women like Amanda juggle being a wife, a mom and a TV personality but still look so fabulous and happy!

Ever since I gave birth, my time is spent mostly with my family and my work.  My "me-time" has always been the first to be rescheduled whenever I have free time.  Because I work 6 days a week, I would rather spend it with Don and Julia.

Anyway, during lunch, Amanda shared that Amanda Loving Life is not a typical mommy show.  Motherhood is indeed our major role in our everyday life but that is only one aspect of being a woman.

Nowadays, both motherhood and womanhood are equally full time jobs.  Given today's fast-paced lifestyle, everybody needs positivity.  The show is all about finding one's purpose and simple joys as it will touch also on various interesting topics of wellness and health, motherhood, fashion and lifestyle, and anything and everything that make life more joyous, substantial and fulfilling.  (from the press kit) 
Amanda is a supermodel, but she is like us... a super mom!  She is currently based in Hong Kong with her husband, David Jacob and her so handsome and adorable son, Kieran.  Though she is on a self-imposed sabbatical leave from the spotlight, she actively manages her website, Glam-O-Mamas.  Her website has become an online resource guide for young and new moms.

Now, Amanda has embarked on a whole new level of reaching out to moms like you and me.  Her new show, Amanda Loving Life, will not only share helpful tips on motherhood and womanhood but it will also be a source of inspiration:  we can do it all and have it all.

It was a lunch break (I have Saturday work) well spent.  Aside from the sumptuous meal from Aria, I had so much fun talking to Amanda and my fellow mommy bloggers.

Cym, me, Fleur, Jackie, Amanda, Rowena, Khaye, Cai and Martine
Thank you for sharing with us this group photo, Fleur!

We wear a thousand hats to fulfill this demanding yet gratifying role.  And this show is going to show you how to do that the glamorous way. - Amanda Griffin-Jacob

Watch Amanda Loving Life tonight at Lifestyle Network and tell what you think.
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