10 August 2012

Anti-Carjacking 101

Reposting this from Caltex Philippine's Facebook Page.  For moms who drive, please take time to read this.

Anti-carjacking tactics:
  1. Know how carjackers operate - carjacking can happen anytime of the day, but this usually takes place during the late hours in he evening or early in the morning when there are less people to witness the crime.

  2. Stay Alert - avoid being a victim, always stay alert and approach the car with the keys at hand.  Look around and check inside your car before getting in.

  3. Always keep your doors locked and windows rolled-up.

  4. Drive in the center late to make it difficult for would-be car jackers to approach the car.

  5. Don't stop to assist a stranger whose car seems to have broken down.

  6. If the carjacker threatens you with a gun or other weapon, surrender your car.  Do not argue.  Your life is with more than a car.

  7. Report the crime immediately to the police.
The Highway Patrol Group Tactical Operations Center may be reached at (02) 726-1261 to 62 and 0906-3745375 or call the PNP hotline at 117.

From the Philippine National Police Website (www.pnp.gov.ph)
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