30 August 2012

My Shopping Bag: Working Mom Magazine's All About Baby

Last Saturday, Don and I went to Working Mom Magazine's All About Baby event at the Rockwell Tent.  I heard that a lot of items will be on sale so we decided to drop by.

The only item on our shopping list was to buy cloth diapers.  When Julia turned 18 months last July, Don and I decided to try using cloth diapers for her.  At home, Julia uses a cloth diaper but she still uses a disposable diaper every time we go out.

Of course, true to form, that was not all I purchased :-)  Here what's on our shopping bag:

Thanks Neva for the reusable shopping bag :-)
Next9 Cloth Diapers from ManilaBaby Shop and Inserts from Tickled Moms

Sleep wear for Julia from Mye Children's Wear
Flannel blanket from Little Miss Macy (0920-9092886)
The flannel blanket was our greatest find that night.  Julia's blankets are all made of flannel.  She loves the fabric.  So when we travel, we have to bring her bulky blanket so that she can sleep well while we are out of town.  The blanket we bought from Little Miss Macy can be folded into a small pillow (photo on top).  So it's handy and light.  Though, Don and I agree that the zipper may still be improved.  I hope I can share my suggestion to Macy soon. :-)

Before leaving, I said hi to Super Moms Neva and Jenny.  I also dropped by Paola's booth to buy some Mommy Treats for my pregnant friend who we will meet for dinner that night.

Photo using my phone camera

Though we went beyond our budget, Don was very happy with our purchases.  We also had fun catching up with old friends at CPK (They don't serve BLT Pizza anymore. Sigh.) after.  It was a great way to end a very hectic work week!

What was your long weekend activity with your family?
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