09 August 2012

{Road Trip} HOME

It has been raining for 11 days already.  Am I right?  Has it really been raining that long?  Julia and I miss Mr. Sun.  For the past two weekends, after Julia's Kindermusik class, we either go to a mall or just stay home.

This week I got to spend two extra days at home with Julia because of the weather.  I had a glimpse of what it feels like to be a stay-at-home mom and I loved every minute of it!  Julia was as happy as we are, so she stuck like glue.  When I need to go to the bathroom, she would scream like someone pinched her.  She calls out "daddy" like her dad is lost in the wilderness and she's out looking for him.

Though we were worried about the rain and the flood it caused, Don and I took the opportunity to sleep, eat, play and learn with Julia.  Here are some of the activities we did at home:
  • Grocery! Grocery! - We were supposed to go out to buy some food to replenish our stocks (in case the bad weather will continue).  But we live in Quezon City and we didn't want to risk our safety.  So, we set up our own grocery store instead!  
  • Throw-Pick Up-Count-Pack Away -  From her toy box, Julia throws her toys on the floor, then pick them up one by one.  She runs to her toy box, I count, as she drops her toy inside the box.   This is a weird activity, but fun anyway!  
  • Our Time - We sang songs from Julia's Kindermusik Our Time CD.  I am still learning the songs and studying the story book and workbook materials.  Hopefully, after a few more Sunday classes with Teacher Jeannie, Don and I will be able to memorize the lyrics and actions of the songs.  Yaya Lani was able to join us in one class, but she needs to attend more so that she will be able to do this activity with Julia every afternoon.
  • Doodle Time - Julia loves her crayons (Crayola Washable Crayons) and drawing pad!  She can't help but write on her playard, high chair, wall, and sofa.  Training her to write only on her writing pad is a challenge, but doable.  I'm just glad that her crayons are washable.
We went to a lot of parks, museums, etc. and we have more to discover.  We are excited about our future road trip destinations.  But nothing can replace the comfort and happiness we feel every time we are home with Julia.
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