01 August 2012

{Snapshot} Will You Send your Child to This Day Care Center?

A friend showed me this picture and asked me, "Will you send Julia to this day care?"
I immediately said no.  I asked, "that's a school?!"
She said,  "Yes, these are the some of the kids who go there to learn." 
I'm sure your answer is the same as mine.  You will not send your child to a day care center with no school supplies, books or learning tools.  A day care center that has a roof that leaks and with old and dirty tables and chairs.  But you see, the kids you see in the photo do no have a choice.  They have good teachers and best of all, these kids are willing to study and learn.  They just don't have the right venue and learning materials.

You may donate cash, old clothes, shoes, slippers, school supplies, etc. Learn more about Silom Day Care Center and how you can help here.
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