11 September 2012

Meals for my Toddler

I wrote this post last May or June.  I must have forgotten to publish it.  I really can't remember.  Anyway, a lot has happened and changed since the time I wrote this.


On my way out, I saw this on our sofa.  It's Julia's menu for the week prepared by Yaya Lani.  My mother-in-law trained her to cook for Julia.  

Yaya Lani cooks Julia's food.  We don't put salt in her food.  At least, not yet.  Her meals are prepared separately.  She eats an apple for dessert.  She like banana, grapes and other fruits too.  She has not tasted pizza, pasta, chocolates, juice, adobo, hotdog, ice cream, etc.  I know, poor Julia :-(  Sometimes, Don and I are so tempted to let her taste them but we restrain with a heavy heart.  

We bring home cooked meals for her whenever we go out.  Don and I have heard comments from friends and colleagues that my daughter is kawawa.  Often times they tell me that we should already let her taste restaurant food.  Don and I decided that we will do this after Julia turns two.  Oh don't worry, no parenting police forced us to do this.  Don and I decided on this long before Julia started to eat solid food.  You see, we are scared that she might "inherit" my bad eating habits.  

This is our way to encourage her to eat vegetables and fruits.  We really don't know if this will work.  But, it is definitely worthwhile to try.  

Here's the complete list:

Julia lost a lot of weight in July.  She lost her appetite and started to eat less.  Consequently, she lost a lot of weight.  During her monthly check-up, her pedia literally begged us to let her eat chicken with gravy at KFC.  We didn't follow her on that advice.  She was exaggerating, of course.  Her point was, everyone -- us included -- want variety with the food that we eat.  She agrees that we should prepare healthy meals for her but there are a lot of creative ways to have variety and make a toddler's meal healthy and yummy. 

What changed?  Julia is already eating spaghetti, ice cream, macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, meatballs, etc.  Finally, right? But, we are still very strict about salt, too much sugar and preservatives.  

Today, Julia is back on track!  Her pedia is actually impressed with her weight gain. We put more variety in her meals now.  Though, when we go out, we still bring home cooked meals for her (you know how oily and salty some food in the restaurants are).  From time to time, we use recipes from Wholesome Baby Food.  The site was recommended to me by Jenny Ong of COANM.

Julia loves to eat, especially fruits and vegetables.  Don said we should be role models to Julia by eating healthy food (Another scheme to make me eat more vegetables. Hmp).  I agreed.  I eat the fruits, he eats the vegetables.  Deal.

Based on your experience, what have you learned so far about feeding your toddler?  What are your strategies in getting your toddler to eat healthy food?

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