06 September 2012

{Road Trip} Adventure Park at Tribeca Private Residences

Don, Julia and I were invited by Frances, a good friend and colleague at work, to eat lunch in her home at Tribeca Private Residences.  Aside from the food, we look forward to the playground that she told us about.

While we were eating, Julia was busy rearranging the furniture.  Julia just loves hiding remote controls.  Because there were many remote controls there (for the TV, airconditioning unit, air cooler, etc.) we made sure they were all accounted for before we left.

Don and I have hesitations about living in a condominium unit.  We are lucky to have been given a house by my dad but we dream of living in a small house with a nice garden, swimming pool and a nice area for a barbecue party with the family.  However, after seeing Tribeca's Adventure Park and other facilities, we will definitely reconsider.

Doll House and Cabin

Rascal's Hide Out

Julia can't stop saying "wow" and "oohh". 

Julia checking out the Fire Station.

At the back of this slide, there is a sand box and an area for outdoor cooking (inihaw!)

She was looking for Daddy :-)

The swimming pool (Aquapark) is so nice, too.  We wanted to swim but it was mid-day and it was still too hot.  Next time :-)

Tribeca Private Residences
East Service Road, Sucat, Muntinlupa
Website:  www.tribeca.com.ph
Facebook Pag:  www.facebook.com/tribecaprivateresidences
Directions here

Note:  The park is exclusive to Tribeca residents and their guests .  But if you will drop by to check out their units, drop by the Adventure Park.  Your kids will surely have fun there.

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post.  I was not compensated in any way to write about my experience in Tribeca Private Residences.
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