13 September 2012

{Road Trip} Centris Walk

Last Sunday, we were not able to attend Julia's Kindermusik class.  She was sick but well enough to attend her class.  However, we don't want the other kids to catch a cold because of her.  We had fun activities lined up that day, but we decided to postpone them.  We made a quick run to the grocery store then we went home to rest the whole afternoon.

At around 5pm, we all felt re-charged so we decided to go to UST for a walk.  We had to stop as were about to turn left to Gov. Forbes Street.  It was very odd because there was no rain from where we were, but it was raining hard 100m ahead of us!  So we made a U-turn and decided to go to Centris Walk instead.

Centris Walk is an alternative venue for our "quick" walks with Julia.  More restaurants are now open so it was not surprising to see a lot of people there.  I miss the days when the area was not crowded.  But, as always, Julia enjoyed walking and running around.

Centris Walk at Eton Centris
EDSA corner Quezon Avenue
Quezon City
Map here

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