01 October 2012

{Monday Motivation} Blessings Amidst My Weekend Drama

My parents are here in Manila for a vacation. Don and I appreciate them for wanting to spend time with Julia. They have been here for 3 weeks already and Don and I are happy to spend time with them. Sadly, my mom was rushed twice to the hospital last Saturday and Sunday. She was finally confined since yesterday. She has an infection however, due to her heart condition, there are complications that need to be treated. Due to her past operation and heart condition, my mom has been using a cane to help her walk since 2009. She gets tired easily but she insisted on traveling all the way from Davao just to be with Julia.

The past two days have been difficult. I am worried about mom but I am thankful that she is feeling a little better. I am concerned about dad too. He has hypertension and he worries too much. I am also starting to worry about the hospital bills.
A good friend posted this on her Facebook wall and I just cried. I have mentioned in my previous posts that this is a difficult year for Don and I. The trials and challenges seem endless... And now, this. My friend's post reminded me that God is always good to me and my family. So, today, I am counting my blessings.
  • I am so thankful that Don and I have good employers. If we do not have a job, we will not be able to pay for my mom's hospital bill.
  • My mom is my Philhealth dependent. I am so thankful that they will cover a portion of the hospital bill. I will not complain about my Philhealth deduction ever again. Haha!
  • I am so blessed to have Don beside me. He is my strength and he constantly reminds me to stay calm. He patiently explains to me what the doctor said, the results of my mom's laboratory tests, the medicines the she is taking and how certain food affect my mom's health.
  • My ever efficient HR Specialist at work. I can get my mind off work because she of her. I have great friends at work. I appreciate their concern for me and my mom. I have an awesome boss, too. Our president at work texted me last night and asked about how my mom's condition.
  • My ever dependable aunts and uncles who run errands for us while we are here in the hospital.
  • My super super awesome dad. Even if he drives me crazy with his high blood pressure, constant follow ups, panic mode questions and assumptions and impatient comments about the nurses and doctors, he manages to make me laugh. No one can match his love for my mom.
I hope my mom will be well soon. Pray for her, okay?
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