22 October 2012

{Monday Motivation} Happiness

I'm sure, like me, you have goals and dreams for yourself and for your family -- places we want to visit, a comfortable life for our children, a house, a car, a higher position at work, an amount of money we hope to earn and save for our retirement.

Everyday I wake up early and go to work in order to achieve my goals and dreams.  I used to think that I will surely be happy if and when I achieve my goals and accomplish even half of what I dream of.  I was so focused on achieving my goals that I became uptight, unhealthy and yes, unhappy.

Ever since my aunt died of breast cancer last year, I realized that all of the things I am working for will become irrelevant when I die.  During the eulogy for my aunt, her family and close friends shared stories about how she made them laugh and how she helped them.  They complained about her strictness but in the end they appreciated the discipline that they learned from her.  They bragged about her good character and her values.  They did not remember the goals she has achieved or her possessions.  They remembered how she lived.

Working hard to achieve our goals and dreams is not bad.  It is not bad at all!  It's how we live our life in pursuit of our goals and dreams that matters.  Each day, I try I do my best to provide for my family and secure a better future for my daughter.  But now, I make sure I build and strengthen relationships.  I laugh and enjoy simple pleasures as long as I'm with family and friends.  I look for meaningful conversations rather than quick hellos.  I try not to multitask when talking to people, especially at work.  I try to help and be a positive influence to others.

Everyday, I looking forward to another day with Don and Julia.  Everyday, I praise God for all my blessings and pray for contentment and love.  Everyday, I seek God for every decision and pray for strength and courage to do his will and live according to his plan for me.  Everyday, I thank God for his forgiveness and lift my worries and troubles to him.  Everyday, I decide to live happily and be a blessing to others.

In all your ways, submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3:6)
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