08 October 2012

{Monday Motivation} Tapa-oho

Don and I arrived early at St. Luke's QC last Thursday so the parking area was not full yet.  We have only been there for the past 4 days and Don has already marked his favorite parking spot.  He was really disappointed when he saw that the said space was not available anymore.  We circled the parking lot twice.  Confused, I asked him why.  He answered, "I'm looking for a parking space near the elevator."

I laughed and asked him, "Don't you see the two vacant spaces near your favorite spot?"  He seemed surprised and said he didn't notice it when we drove by... TWICE!

Though I was laughing at Don for his silly oversight, what happened at the parking lot made me think.  I have been working on achieving this goal I set from the time Julia was born.  I know what I want and I have been trying to base my actions and decisions on that goal.  But things are not falling into place.  I am nowhere near the realization of what I want to happen.  Maybe I am like Don.  I have been too obsessed on my goal that I fail to see other opportunities that surround me.  I was too focused on what I want that I failed to recognize God's plans for me.

It's time put aside my Tapa-oho, don't you think?

Jeremiah 29:11
Bible Verse photo from my friend's Facebook
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