13 October 2012

My October Issue Magazine Recommendation

I do not buy magazines often.  However, with Delamar Arias and Cooper on the cover and because of five interesting topics, I made sure I have a digital copy of this month's issue of Smart Parenting.

The five interesting topics did not disappoint me.  Here are the articles/features that I found interesting and helpful.

  • The cover story, A Life Unexpected, of course.  My husband and I love listening to The Morning Rush at RX93.1 and we obviously love Delamar and Cooper.
This was Julia's costume last year.
  • I am not a softie when it comes to discipline.  But I was able to learn effective strategies to discipline Julia without being a monster mom from the article Discipline for Softies.
  • We usually drink iced tea, especially when we are dining in a restaurant.  After reading the article Sugar Shocker, Don and I decided to implement a "water" policy -- we will drink water instead of soda, iced tea or other artificial flavored juices.  This way we can be good role models to Julia (Godd luck to us!)  According to Dr. Rachel Johnson, "teaching your child to drink plain water to quench thirst is a smarter move."  This article is a must-read for parents!
  • My mother-in-law lives with us and she takes care of Julia whenever Don and I are at work.  I feel secure because my daughter is home with a close relative and not just with her yaya.  Though this is the case, it has been a continuous struggle to set rules especially about parenting style and child discipline.  In my opinion, most grandparents tend to spoil their grandchildren because they know that parenting (especially discipline) is no longer their obligation and responsibility.  They simply want to enjoy and being grandparents!  The article, Lola as Yaya suggests a lot of ways to avoid miscommunication and disagreements between parents and grandparents.
The above articles/features are the first few that I read the past few days.  Hopefully I will have an opportunity for some me-time this weekend to read the other articles/features in the magazine.  I look forward to reading the Smart Feature:  Can Women Really Have It All and Marriage and Money Special:  Talking Money with the Honey.

What your favorite magazine purchase this month?

Happy Weekend!

Disclaimer:  This is my personal opinion and not a sponsored post.  I was not compensated in any way to write about this magazine issue for Smart Parenting.
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