30 October 2012

{Super Mom} Vera Paquiz of Valve e-Capture

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13

Being a mom, wife, daughter, and being able to work eight hours (or more!) a day, maintain a household and still find time to do something you are passionate about is not easy.  As a first time mom, I am still adjusting to my new role.  Juggling it with all my other roles require discipline, commitment and A LOT of love!  The key, according to Stephen Covey, is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.  Super Mom is a Cruisin' Mommyhood's blog feature where I interview moms who can give inspiration and empowerment to working moms like me.

I have known Vera Panganiban-Paquiz since 2001.  We worked for an asset management company in Makati.  I was an HR Assistant and she was with Investor Relations.  We were single and unsure (but excited!) of the life ahead of us.  Now, eleven years after, we are in love with our family and the careers we have chosen.  We are still uncertain about the future but the journey now is more meaningful.  

We recently had an opportunity to catch up and I am inspired by her success story -- from a corporate working mom, to a work-at-home mom and now back as a working mom, but this time as the COO of the BPO company that she and her husband, Alphy set up.

Managing family life and career is never easy, especially when you are raising a toddler while leading a very dynamic business organization.  Some people depend on luck.  But, this month's Super Mom continuously hones her skills and relies on the unwavering support of her family and the overflowing grace and unconditional love of God.

Describe your typical day and which part is your favorite?

My day usually starts at 4 AM, checking e-mails and leaving messages/reminders for our staff.  I do this as early as possible so I can devote my time to my son as soon as he wakes up until he leaves for school at 8 AM.  While my son's in school, I'm home monitoring my staff online.  I do this until my son arrives from school at 10 AM.  Before I leave for work, which is usually around 11 AM, I make sure that my son has finished his homework.  The rest of my time is purely devoted to work.

My favorite part of the day is morning, from the time I wake up until I leave the house for work because I get to juggle my time between the two things I love most--my family and my work.

How did motherhood change your life?  What personal convictions or mindset did it alter or improve?

Motherhood has indeed improved my life.  I've learned the real essence of time management, multi-tasking, perseverance, among other things.  In short, it has made me a better person.

How did Valve e-Capture start?

When I got pregnant in 2007, I decided to leave my office-based job and start accepting online jobs.  At that time, online jobs were not yet very popular in the Philippines, but the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has started to make a name.  After giving birth, I continued my career as a work-at-home mom, until my husband and I realized that my online jobs could actually provide a business opportunity for us.  In 2011, Valve e-Capture, Inc. was born, a startup BPO company that focuses on non-voice projects.

What are your 3 most meaningful “lessons-learned-the-hard-way” as a working mom?

  1. No matter how work eats up most of our time, the family should always be our first priority.
  2. 24 hours may seem like not enough for working moms, but we should always remind ourselves that we're not supposed to finish everything in 24 hours!  If there's anything you can't finish today, just include it in your To-Do's for the following day.  Time Management is the key.
  3. No matter how tired you are from work, you should always have quality time with your family before going to bed.
What tips can you share to moms on managing time and priorities and spending quality time with family? 

Moms should always plan their activities at least one day ahead.  That way, you will always find time for things that are important to you.  Discipline is also the key.  Planning ahead is useless without discipline.  If you get to strictly follow your schedule, you will always feel productive.

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