05 October 2012

What My Dad Taught Me About True Love

My parents have been married for forty years.  Yes, 4-0.  It was only in 2010 that they started to live together, 24/7 for 365 days straight a year.  You see, my dad was a seaman.  He was a Master Mariner so he spent most of his life at sea.  He is 68 now but he just recently retired.  I don't know if that's because he needed money or because he really loves his job.  Haha!

So anyway, a few weeks after my dad settled in our Davao home, I received a call from my brother.  He was laughing at my parents.  He described them as "a couple who recently moved in together."  Oh no, not the romance and sex all the day part of it.  Haha!  It's the adjustment period that comes with the "moving in" or the "just married" phase.  They are fighting like Tom and Jerry... about bathroom pet peeves, eating preferences, TV shows, my dad's constant teasing and bullying.  The list goes on, and you'd be surprised on how trivial some of the issues are.  Whenever I ask my mom, she will just say she's annoyed.  Period.

Last Sunday, our Tom and Jerry-like senior citizens turned into a married couple who vowed to be together for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.  When my mom was rushed to the emergency room, he was holding her hand often while constantly whispering that everything will be okay.  My mom's BP was over 200 and her fever was 39.8.  She was admitted for UTI but with kidney and heart complications.  My mom's medical condition is complicated.  I don't understand it myself and I don't know where to begin.

My mom was confined for five days and I was with them the whole time.  Mainly to make sure they are okay.  My dad has hypertension too and his blood pressure was almost as high as my mom's (there must be race that I don't know about. Ha!).  I let my dad take care of her because he wants to.  He fed her, changed her clothes, changed her diaper and he doesn't sleep to make sure she is still breathing.  I would often catch him just staring at her.  He teased my mom several times, but this time, my mom would complain but smile, or sometimes even laugh.

Every time I tell him how good he is at taking care of mom, he would just say "sanay na e."  (This is not the first time my mom was hospitalized.  Ever since a metal was implanted in her left thigh in 2009, she has been hospitalized several times already.)

Love is not all about being happy with each other.  It's about how you accept someone despite your differences.  Despite their attitude or behavior that annoys you.  Love is about making things work in spite of trials and challenges.  Love is being there for each other and knowing how to help each other without even uttering a word.  For the past 5 days in the hospital, my dad showed me what true love is all about.

I asked Don is he can imagine himself wiping poop off my ass.  Haha, sorry, I just had to ask him that.  He smiled and said, "Yes.  I love you and I will help you in making sure that you will not get sick and wear a diaper." (Uh-oh.  Does that mean he will force me to eat more vegetables?!)

My dad smiled and agreed with Don.

PS.  My mom was discharged from the hospital yesterday.  Last night, she was asking Don to take her out on a nail spa date.  Haha!  This morning, I saw her at the living room, planning and writing about her menu for the week.  Her cardiologist gave her a lot of tips on proper diet.  I will blog about that soon :-)  

Thank you to all who prayed for my mom.  Thank you for your kind text messages and messages at FB, Twitter and Instagram.
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