01 November 2012

Julia's Diaper Bag + A Maleta Mate Giveaway

I enjoy preparing Julia’s diaper bag.  I make sure we bring everything (++) we need, even if it means carrying a heavy bag.  The (++) is for the extras that I bring.  I anticipate the worse so I bring a minimum of 5 diapers, 4 extra clothes (top & bottom), 2 bibs and 6 baby towels.  I bring the biggest pack of wet wipes.  I make sure I have 2 baby carriers.  Don is not happy about it, of course.  So as a compromise, we bring two bags.  One that we will leave inside the car (a just-in-case bag) and one that we will carry around. 

Aside from clothes, here's what's inside Julia's diaper bag.

I have long been looking for a product where I can put Julia’s clothes properly.  I tried using Ziploc and reusable bags but I want something that won't make Julia's clothes too crumpled.

Not environment friendly and expensive.
Reusable Bags - Julia's clothes end up getting wrinkled.
So, I was certainly thrilled when a friend of mine introduced me to Maleta Mate packing cubes.   The smallest size (12” x 8.5” x 2.5”) is perfect for Julia’s bag. 

Don has a set too.  The medium (14” x 10” x 3”) and large (16” x 12” x 3.5”) cubes will be appropriate for his suitcase, now that he goes out of the country for official business more often. 

Photo from Maleta Mate
Check out Maleta Mate’s Facebook Page.  The packing cubes as well as other products they sell are very affordable and will be perfect as gifts for family and friends.  

As an advance Christmas treat, Malate Mate is giving away one set to one lucky Cruisin’ Mommyhood reader.  Yey!!

It’s so easy to join.  All you need to do is like Cruisin’ Mommyhood and Maleta Mate’s Facebook page.  You may tweet about the giveaway and write about your common diaper bag problems at the comment section for additional entries.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone! Have fun with your family and take care always  :-)

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