14 November 2012

Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2012

Sunday is our only day off from work so Don and I make sure we spend it with Julia. We attend Kindermusik with Teacher Jeannie in the morning, go to church, accomplish household errands, shop (only when necessary), go out for our road trip... yup, all in one day! So we need to plan our Sundays very well so it can be productive and at the same time, fun.

For our shopping needs, we cannot simply "mall-hop" just to buy all the things on our list. If we do that, we might spend most of our time on the road. Whenever we go to the mall, I need to strategically plan (yes, I do have a list of things to do and buy inside the mall) our itinerary. It really is time consuming. This is the reason why I sometimes shop online or I go to bazaars organized for moms and kids.

Mommy Mundo Bazaar is one of the few bazaars I look forward to because most of the things I need to buy for Julia are in one location! Actually, only a few steps apart! My shopping list for Julia next weekend include: cloth diapers, shoes, feeding bottles and sleepwear.

Aside from shopping, I am excited to get my Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport and 24/7 Planner! Also, I will be joining a small group of moms who will meet Jen of Next9 for some babywearing tips (I use SaYa and I just recently purchased a Next9 ring sling from Jen).

So see you on November 24-25! Say hi, okay?

PRESS RELEASE: Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2012:
The Christmas Bazaar for Chic Shopping Mamas!

This is the last big event of Mommy Mundo for the year so don't miss it!

The MOMMY MUNDO BAZAAR features 80+ booths of the latest mom and baby products, gift items for the whole family, fun activities and so much more! Get your stash of maternity and nursingwear, babywearing products, baby slings and accessories, diapers, baby and kids clothes and shoes, toys and books, and many more great finds!

Entrance fee to the event is 30 pesos per person, 100% of entrance fees will go to the Christmas outreach project of MomShare! (www.mommymundo.com/momshare)


Mommy Mundo will provide the following:

♥ Credit Card terminals for your credit purchases

♥ Mommy Mundo shopping bags (please also free to bring your own so we can minimize the use of plastic at the event)*

♥ Free drinking water from Crystal Clear

♥ Kids play area by Fun Ranch (inflatable play area and game booths)

♥ Face painting for kids by Partezeit

♥ Free family photo *

♥ Breastfeeding lounge and diaper changing area

♥ Free issues of Mommy Mundo freezines (Urban Mom and Mommy Pages)*

♥ Free issues of Working Mom Magazine, Sense & Style Magazine*

and more surprises from our sponsors!

*while supplies last :)

The 2013 edition of the Mom 24/7 Planner will also be launched at the Mommy Bazaar. (more info on the planner below)

*All Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport holders get free entrance to the event and also get their complimentary copy of the Mom 24/7 Planner. Still don't have your Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport? Apply now until November 15 and get this special privilege! (http://mommymundo.multiply.com/products/listing/10003/Mommy-Mundo-Privilege-Passport)

The Mommy Mundo Bazaar is co-presented by Shop Mommy Matters, PACE, PLDT KaAsenso and Anmum. With support from Cradle, Lactacyd Baby Bath, Cycles Mild Detergent, Cradle, Crystal Clear, Fun Ranch, Hydrite and media partners Working Mom Magazine, Smartparenting Magazine, Manila Bulletin, Style Weekend, Baby On Board, Lifestyle Network, Crossover 105.1, Mommypages.com.ph and Urban Mom.

To get updates on the event, please see the Mommy Mundo Bazaar event page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/144048752403788/)



PLDT KaAsenso


Cycles & Cradle

Tiny Buds



Shop Mommy Matters

Eco Baby Boutique

Paquet de Joei

Mama Baby Love

Nursing Mom

Mom Baby Fabric

Dizzy Dress

Tip Tap Soles

Bug & Kelly

Manila Baby Shop

Omma Organics

Celestina & Co.


Therapy Bags

Mommy Treats

Baby Leaf



Cast & Frame

Brussels Sprouts

The Little Darla Couture

The Little Red Shoe

Lactacyd Baby Bath

Buggy & Lishy

Mama L'oca & Cozach

Wonderworld Toys

Mighty Mind


Proud Mama Store



Tot Couture

My Baby Dragon

Healthy innovation

The Stork Studio


Medela Moms

Tiny Tots



Fiddle Tops


Hatch & Latch

Tyler Marketing

Chubby Cheeks

Souq International

Sir Carl Antoine Collection

Simple Bundle of Joy

Momtrepreneur Shop

Kiddie Tunes

Fancy Ava

TCL Worldwide

Baby Shower

Bulilit Bookstore


Natural Origins

Baby Mama Inc.

Green 360

Silly Monkey Clothing

St. Patrick

Mama & Me


Googoo & Gaga

Enchanted Kingdom

Pink Lemon

Indigo Baby


Katrina's Kitchen

King Sue


Tender Juicy Sandwiches
Moms Get Organized in 2013 through the Mom 24/7 Planner
November 2, 2012- Doctor's appointment, pickup daughter from ballet practice, get snacks for son's play date, meeting with the client at 3PM, lunch with in-laws on the weekend and date night with the hubby tonight... Sound's familiar?

Moms nowadays are getting busier and busier and it's actually becoming a wonder how they do it. Juggling multiple roles and responsibilities: the kids, their husbands, a career or business, and hobbies on the side- surely they must have a sidekick even just to remind them of their next task or to breathe.

If you're a mom who strives to be efficient and organized, then the Mom 24/7 2013 Planner is especially made for you. Join the thousands of moms who have benefited from using the organizer since the launch of its maiden issue in 2012.

Tagged as "The Ultimate Mom Planner," the 6x8 inch hard bound, spiral bound organizer is equipped with special planning pages to help you manage your personal, family, home and work life so you can have more time to spend at will. May it be for quality family time, productive work time or "me" time.

The 2013 issue has a watercolor theme reflecting the soft and gentle yet colorful and creative side of motherhood. It is more compact to make it a handy mom companion throughout next year.

The Mom 24/7 2013 Planner also contains health record pages the entire family, a family vacation planner and even party planning pages. To help us run an organized home, the planner also has designated sections for money matters, grocery lists, menu planner, household help records.

The Mom 24/7 2013 Planner isn't called "The Ultimate Mom Planner" for nothing. The organizer has a special portion for mom's personal development where you can list down your goals and ideas. The planner even has a menstrual tracker. If you are also feeling joyous or reflective, be inspired along with the other moms who shared their personal experiences about motherhood which you can read on the topmost part of every page.

Each Mom 24/7 2013 contains coupons from Mommy Mundo partners so make sure to grab a copy. Enjoy discounts and free goodies from All Flip-Flops, Lactacyd Toddler Tubs, Smart Explorers, Silly Monkey Clothing, Bug & Kelly, Mommy Matters, Natural Origins, Baby & Beyond, Philips Avent, Cycles and Cradles, Tiny Buds, Fun Ranch and Dentiste.

The Mom 24/7 2013 Planner will be available at the following retailers by third week of November: Fully Booked, National Bookstore, Hobbes & Landes, Numa, Medela House, Momtrepreneur Shop, and online through www.shopmommymatters.com, and Indigo Baby. For more info visit www.MommyMundo.com/mom247planner2013, email info@mommymundo.com or text 09178162524.


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