30 November 2012

{Sponsored Post} Anti-Skid Socks - New from St. Patrick

Wearing socks is part of Julia’s sleep wear musts.  Her feet gets cold at night because of air-conditioning.  Actually, I find it weird that Julia’s head and hair are wet due to sweat but her hands and feet are cold!  (Is that normal?)  Anyway, ever since Julia turned one, her curious mind and energetic feet have kept us on our toes all the time.  So we want to start making her wear non-skid socks at night because we know it won’t be long before she can already climb out of our bed on her own in case she wakes up before we do.  It is definitely not safe for her to walk around wearing normal socks.  

Also, we are about to start a new semester at Kindermusik with Teacher Jeannie and Company -- our classes are filled with dancing, playing, running around and just having fun.  So, wearing anti-skid socks is highly recommended.  

Slipping and tripping are common accidents that happen to toddlers.  These accidents may cause injuries – cuts, scratches and bruises -- worse, it may lead to sprains and fractures.   Just thinking about what could happen to Julia makes me shiver.  We checked several department stores but could not find anti-skid socks that we want for Julia so I was really excited when I found out that St. Patrick is introducing an “Anti-Skid” Socks for toddlers.

The St. Patrick “Anti-Skid” socks is only P289.75 for 3 pairs.  It is available in blue and pink with sizes 0-6, 6-12 and 12-24 months.  You may only buy them at Numa (which is only 5 minutes away from our house!!!).

If you order now, you will get 20% off.  I mean, NOW because this is a special introductory offer for THIRTY (30) PARENTS ONLY.  This promo is good until December 2, 2012 only. 

To order, email info@numa.com.ph with the following information:
  • name
  • shipping address
  • order (design and color)
  • size
  • quantity
  • mode of payment (credit card of bank deposit)
Visit the Facebook page of Numa Baby and St. Patrick Baby for more details.

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